My Parents Are Getting A Divorce…

I Wonder What Will Happen to Me

An Interactive Discussion Book
for Children ages 4–12

by Karen Kaye, LMHC & Hara Wachholder, LMHC

As a parent, when you think about the word “divorce,” many feelings might come to your mind, but what about your children’s feelings? How can you help them deal with their very real feelings about your divorce?


At a Glance

My Parents Are Getting A Divorce… I Wonder What Will Happen To Me
An Interactive Discussion Book for Children ages 4–12
Karen Kaye, LMHC & Hara Wachholder, LMHC

Paperback Format

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7″ x 10″

About the Book

Feelings are a superpower when used responsibly. Feelings tend to get a bad reputation because they can sometimes be overwhelming and painful, but feelings help us learn to cope, process, and heal from all the things we experience. The true healing powers of feelings can get lost in all the chaos. It is time to take children’s feelings out of the shadows and bring them to the light. Sharing all feelings is important in the healing process.

This interactive workbook:

  • provides a safe space for children to stay “whole” before, during, and after their parents’ divorce.
  • gives children a healthy, creative outlet to explore and process their feelings by initiating discussion as well as discovering the power of self-affirmation and drawing.
  • takes a journey inside the concerns of children regarding how their lives will be changed by their parents’ divorce.




“My Parents Are Getting A Divorce interactive discussion book is a valuable and thoughtful resource for divorcing parents and their children. The mother/daughter co-author introduction provides a clear understanding of how parents, counselors and other professionals can use this workbook as a tool for more useful and effective communication with children of divorce. As founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network, I appreciate the simplicity as well as value of each question being asked. Children from 4 to 12 are invited to think about and answer these questions and also come up with questions of their own. These promptings enable parents and professionals to get deeper insights into challenges, fears or insecurities children are coping with that they may not be expressing. Used as designed, this beautifully illustrated discussion book can help children understand what is happening to them in the present as well as how life may look for them well into the future. It also stimulates deeper family discussions which is always of value for every parent.”

Rosalind Sedacca, CDC

Founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network,
Author of How Do I Tell The Kids About The Divorce?

Great Resource to Help Children...

“I bought this book because I’m an aspiring child psychiatrist currently in residency. I’ve learned that the more “tools” in my toolbox, the better I can serve and help my patients. This book is a great resource for children going through a very common situation. It’s easy for them to use, eye-appealing with its nice and colorful graphics, and encourages communication. I recommend it!”

— Noemi Bermudez, D.O.

Highly Recommended...

“An interactive workbook designed to help children ages 4-12 understand the difficult feelings created by the divorce of their parents. . . . Simple color illustrations of boys and girls enhance this invaluable book, highly recommended especially for divorcing or separating parents to share with their children.”

— Midwest Book Review

Therapist Tool...

“A great tool to use to get the conversation started with kids and teens about their parents’ divorce.”

— Claire C. Loucka, LMFT

About the Authors

Karen Kaye

Karen Kaye


Karen Kaye is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with the State of Florida and received her Master’s degree in Family Therapy from the University of Maryland. For 15 years she has written a column titled, “Ask the Therapist” in the Natural Awakenings Magazine of Broward County, Florida. This workbook came to life through Karen’s efforts to keep her own child out of the middle of her divorce when Hara was young. This book has been an evolutionary healing process for her and her daughter.

Hara Wachholder

Hara Wachholder


Hara Wachholder is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with the State of Florida and received her Master’s degree in Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. It was after the resolution of the long-winded custody battle between her parents that Hara recognized her calling to help others going through the same struggle. Hara Wachholder is currently the clinical director for a family therapy center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Samuel Wilson

Samuel Wilson


Samuel Wilson is a 38 year-old artist who has been in the profession for the better part of his life, primarily focusing on illustration and painting. As a husband and a father, Samuel has a special love for artwork involving children, and has illustrated for children’s authors across the United States. Samuel can be reached via email or through his website,

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